Monday, December 7, 2009

darling little ballerina

can be found here


  1. Adorable! You make the cutest Posers! I wonder though why your designs are at 200 dpi instead of industry standard of 300dpi? The difference is important when buyers want want to, for example, create cards and print them out. If you're ever looking to add another store, would love to have you at mine, Digital Designers Den.
    Meanwhile, I'm off to catch your sale. So many goodies, it's hard to choose.
    SherryD/D'Ambrosio Arts

  2. In answer to your question....I create my posers at 200 dpi because it is all the program I am using allows....unlike other tube makers out there, I use DAZ...and while it is a wonderful program and I adore using it....there is only so much it allows me to do....However, I have been told by various designers that the can be upsized or resized to 300dpi without losing integrity and print out very well.