Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Before things get too totally crazy around my computer desk....I wanted to pop on and wish a Very Merry Christmas to everyone....I hope your holiday will be as lively and fun filled as mine looks to my holiday cd's all gathered up and ready to sing my brains out(however badly that may be)....but until then.....I'm off to finish wrapping gifts, swatting away kitty paws, nudging away kitty noses, removing kitty butts from packages, and decorating said kitty with pretty bows......Merry Christmas and thanks for a wonderful year!

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  1. I tried to post this and it appears to have failed so here I go again.

    Merry Christmas and much love to you Medi.

    I found something very interesting today while shopping at TKO. I wrote a post for my blogspot with what I found. I hope you'll visit me at and read my post about Medi-Addicts; and if you approve of my post, post the link on your blogs for other Medi-Addicts to find my post. If you do not approve, just let me know and I'll delete my post.

    Happy holidays and much love,

  2. My total page views were about 500 when I first posted my Medi-Addict post, now it's 815. You definitely attract readers.